In response to this data breach, the COA has taken a range of steps. By now, we have informed residents who could be reached about the breach if they were included in the disclosed list. Of course, we are doing all we can to limit any risks as much as possible. Hence, we have been in touch with the residents concerned about appropriate precautions.


We have, however, been unable to reach a number of people who are on the disclosed list. For example because they have moved or left the COA 'for an unknown destination.' To be able to reach as many people from this group as possible, we now ask your assistance.

Do you know people who were staying in a COA centre between 16 February 2017 and 11 February 2020 and who have possibly been confronted with human trafficking or migrant smuggling? Then please inform them about the data breach by making them aware of this notification and/or the notifications about this breach on the residents' information website MyCOA (in 11 languages). Please also advise them to contact the COA as soon as possible via telephone (088 715 7000) or via This request applies in particular if you know people who cannot be reached by the COA, for example because they have left 'for an unknown destination.'

Also if you were living in a COA centre between 16 February 2017 and 11 February 2020 yourself and have been confronted with human trafficking or migrant smuggling, we ask you to contact the COA by telephone (088 715 7000)  or via We will then be able to inform you (again) whether your personal data were disclosed and see whether precautions are necessary. If you have been informed personally about the data breach, we will continue to inform you about the progress and outcomes of the internal investigation when necessary.

More information

We deeply regret this data breach and apologise for any inconvenience it might cause you. For questions about the data breach or this notification, please contact the COA via 088 715 7000 or via