Social added value: a tailored approach

We like to open up the conversation about the challenges and issues a municipality can face and how we can contribute to a solution. This way, we create long-term social added value for the municipality and the COA.

This social added value of a reception centre consists of matters that cannot be expressed in money only. For example a place to meet because of shared facilities, the retention of social property, strengthening social cohesion within the municipality, providing accommodation to other groups of people in need of accommodation or giving an impetus for entrepreneurs. All municipalities are different, so our approach is tailored.  

Potential added value of a COA centre

  • Combination of functions (living, working, leisure) and shared facilities
  • Social cohesion through volunteering, and integration and participation activities
  • Extra income for local entrepreneurs
  • A smaller housing shortage because of multi-functional reception sites 
  • Retention of social, monumental and cultural property
  • Employment opportunities
  • More students for schools and participants for other public facilities
  • Area and urban development
  • Earlier start and optimisation of integration, participation and the civic integration process
  • Contribution of residents to local initiatives and activities  

Opening a reception centre: always together with the municipality

Opening a reception centre involves a lot of things. Usually, local residents don’t warm to the idea immediately. This is often the result of a lack of information. Hence, we support municipalities in communicating with all people involved. Once a reception centre has been opened, local residents often start volunteering in it.