Contributing as a volunteer?

Volunteers play a valuable role, both at the COA and at other organisations that devote their energy to asylum seekers. Are you interested in helping asylum seekers in building a new life?

COA hosting scheme

Would you like a holder of a refugee status to stay at your place and contribute to his or her integration this way? Then you can use the COA hosting scheme. You can apply for this via Takecarebnb. The people at Takecarebnb are responsible for matching holders of a refugee status and host families for the COA.

Donating items


Status holders often visit a second-hand shop to furnish their home. That is why it's best to take furniture and other household items to a second-hand shop.


Reception centres cannot accept and distribute clothes and shoes themselves. Would you like to donate clothing? Then you can do this via collection points of the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army sorts all donations and determines the best destination for them, including people in need. Read here about what happens to the clothing

No food

For reasons of hygiene and safety, we do not accept food products. Perhaps, you could donate these to the Food bank

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    There is always a need for bicycles in most reception centres © Mariette Carstens

Other items or services

To pass on other items, like bikes or books, it is best to contact a reception centre near you. There is always a need for bikes in most reception centres

Depending on the supply and demand (and the season), the reception centre may recommend you to take the items to local second-hand shops. We also refer asylum seekers to these shops, where they can choose their things themselves.

Would you like to donate a large batch of new items? Then please contact us via email or 088 715 70 01.