The COA offers asylum seekers livable and safe accommodation and guides them towards a future in or outside the Netherlands, in collaboration with partners in society.


We are the professionals in the field of dignified and sustainable shelter and guidance for asylum seekers. We play a central role in the reception process in the Netherlands in accordance with European standards. In close cooperation with partners involved, COA responds flexibly, transparently and predictably to changes, for example when it comes to numbers, nationality and background of the asylum seekers.

We work internationally with our partners to make asylum migration to and in Europe more predictable, planned and more dignified, also in the Netherlands.

Together with our partners, we create efficient, sustainable, safe, dignified and flexibleforms of shelter and thereby offer added social value, for example in the field of (labour)participation, local investments and housing.

We offer high-quality guidance to our residents. In this way, we stimulate them and enable them to be self-reliant in an environment as yet unknown to them. In this way, they can take responsibility for their own future as early as possible and make a contribution to the society. If our residents are not entitled to asylum, our guidance contributes to a return with perspective.

We know our residents and their talents at an early stage; therefore, we are able to offer tailor-made solutions. That is why we are an indispensable link for our partners in the continuous line from counselling residents to integration and (labour) participation in the Netherlands. We make our knowledge and experience in this field available at all stages of the asylum process, for example to the municipalities to which we transfer our residents, but also for resettlement and reception in the region.

COA realizes this vision in a sustainable way by adding value to people, the environment and the society.

    Core values


    We provide safe and decent reception and shelter and support the resident. We are positive, involved, social and transparent. Our counselling helps our residents to assume their own responsibility, to become more self-sufficient and to develop themselves. This prepares them better for their future in or outside the Netherlands.


    By working together internally and externally, we create added value for our residents, our staff and our environment. We also work together intensively with cooperating organisations and collaboration partners, municipalities and NGOs. Internationally we take joint action with sister organisations and other partners.


    We are open to one another and to others and share our knowledge and experience. We are transparent about who we are, what we do and what goes on at our location. We include Dutch society in developments and in our dilemmas. This way we work on creating public support for our work.


    We work result-driven, professionally and efficiently. We are collegial and hold one another to account. Within set frameworks, we as professionals continually look at ways to do our jobs even better. We learn and innovate. We anticipate, take initiative and do what has been agreed.