Activities inside and outside the reception centre

Asylum seekers live independently in a reception centre. They do their housework, take their children to school and go to interviews with the IND, COA, DT&V and Council for Refugees. In addition, they are preparing for their future via programmes or by doing volunteer work in the centre.

Living safely

Asylum seekers must be able to live safely in and around a reception centre. That is why the COA focusses on fire safety, safe swimming, domestic violence and child abuse, and migrant smuggling and human trafficking, among other things. We also have house rules, which asylum seekers must follow. In the Living in a COA centre programme, we inform every resident about safety.

Beliefs and ideologies in the reception centre

The COA is a politically and religiously neutral organisation. Residents are allowed to express their beliefs and ideologies in the reception centre, as long as they do not infringe upon the private lives of others. 

Moving to another reception centre

It is unavoidable: moving from one reception centre to another. When the asylum procedure has been completed, asylum seekers will move from a process reception centre to a reception centre or a reception centre for return. Asylum seekers will also move to another location when a reception centre closes. Whenever possible, children are moved during school holidays.