Supply chain partners  in the immigration system

IND, DT&V, AVIM and the KMar are our partners within the immigration system. All five of us have been allocated our own task from the Ministry of Justice and Security. We all remain aware of the coherence between the individual tasks while doing our own task. In various centres, such as Ter Apel and Budel, our partners in the immigration system have their own desk. 

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Cooperation with other organisations

Various organisations are active in our reception centres. For example, to support asylum seekers in their application for asylum. Other organisations organise activities or make efforts for the integration of residents.

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International cooperation

Reception of asylum seekers takes place in a global context. Hence, the COA has structural contact with asylum and reception organisations in the individual member states within Europe. Outside Europe, the COA plays a role in, for instance, the resettlement missions of the UN Refugee Agency. 

International cooperation of the COA