Milo Schoenmaker

Milo Schoenmaker (1967) has been Chair of the COA board since 15 January 2019. Previously, he was mayor of Gouda (2012-2019), mayor of Bussum (2003 - 2012), and alderman in Haarlemmermeer (1998 - 2003).

He studied political science at the University of Amsterdam. During his work as mayor, he started a doctoral programme, at the end of which he attained a doctorate degree from Maastricht University in 2011.

Schoenmaker holds 2 additional positions: chairman of the supervisory board of the Gouda Library (unpaid) and member of the supervisory board of urban children's interest organisation Jantje Beton (unpaid). Formerly, he was a member of various committees of the Dutch Association of Municipalities (VNG) and the Council for Public Administration (ROB).


  • Milo Schoenmaker chairman COA
    Milo Schoenmaker © Chris Lans

Joeri Kapteijns

Joeri Kapteijns has been a member of the COA board since 1 November 2019. Previously, he was the Supervision Director of the immigration system at the Ministry of Justice and Security. From 2010 to 2015, he was Control, Operations, and Legal Affairs Director at the Directorate-General for Youth and Sanctions of this ministry.

From 2004 to 2010, he fulfilled various management roles at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, including deputy and acting Relations Management, Implementation, and Control Director.

He studied Labour and Social Security Sciences, a multi-disciplinary programme on Law, Economics, and Sociology at what was then the Catholic University of Brabant (KUB). 

Kapteijns currently holds 1 additional position (paid) as member of the supervisory board of housing corporation Thuisvester.


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    Joeri Kapteijns © Chris Lans