The organisations involved

The following organisations work closely together to make the selection, preparation, invitation, transfer and integration of the refugees as smooth as possible:

  • The UNHCR, the refugee organisation of the United Nations, recommends refugees to the Netherlands.
  • The Ministry of Justice and Security consults with the UNHCR and instructs the IND and COA to carry out the resettlement.
  • The Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) organises a mission to a refugee camp 4 or 5 times a year and after consulting the COA, decides who will be invited.
  • The COA makes a resettlement profile for the refugees during the selection missions, prepares the refugees for their arrival in the Netherlands, provides guidance for the refugees in the first 48 hours after their arrival in the Netherlands and maintains contacts with the municipalities about their housing.
  • The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee (KMar) and the Aliens Police (AVIM) perform safety checks during the selection missions.
  • The Medical Assessment Section (BMA) of the IND performs medical checks during the selection missions.
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides registration of personal and biometric data at the embassy and provides travel documents to the refugees.
  • The International Organization for Migration (IOM) provides tickets and travel documents.
  • Nidos Foundation arranges the guardianship of unaccompanied minor foreign nationals in the Netherlands.
  • The Aliens Police and the municipalities handle the administrative data in the Netherlands.
  • Municipalities provide housing for the refugees in the Netherlands.
  • Dutch Council for Refugees (VWN) and other organisations provide guidance to the refugees when they are housed in the municipality.