Departure from the reception centre

Outflow to a municipality

Asylum seekers with the refugee status receive a residence permit for 3 or 5 years. They are then 'permit holders' or 'status holders'. The COA will link them to a municipality in the vicinity of the reception centre. That municipality will provide housing. Until then, the permit holders are entitled to reception by the COA and can stay in the centre.

Departure from the Netherlands

Foreign nationals who are not eligible for the refugee status after completing the procedure have to leave the Netherlands within a certain term. In this period the are entitled to reception and can prepare their departure from the Netherlands. The Repatriation and Departure Service (DT&V) and the COA will support them in this process. 

If necessary, foreign nationals can go to a freedom-restricting centre for a maximum of 12 weeks after the departure period expires. At that centre, the guidance of the residents is focused on their return.

After the departure period, the benefits will be discontinued and the reception will be terminated. If foreign nationals refuse to leave the reception centre, the COA can ask the Aliens Police (AVIM) to start eviction. It is possible that a foreign national will be detained. This happens if the foreign national fails to cooperate in his departure from the Netherlands, while the DT&V can and may remove the foreign national in concern in the short term. It may also happen that a foreign national who does not want to cooperate in his departure, will avoid supervision. He will leave the reception centre 'for an unknown destination' and his whereabouts will be unknown.

Families with underage children

In principle, families with underage children may not become homeless. If they are no longer entitled to reception, they will be transferred from the asylum seekers' centre to a family centre. The level of facilities in a family reception centre is moderate. The guidance is fully focused on return. Families will become homeless if they refuse the accommodation offered in a family reception centre.