Under certain conditions it is possible to do research in our organisation, for study purposes or for obtaining a doctorate.

Careful considerations research proposals

Research often provides valuable information that can be of interest to society. But attending to researchers takes time and money. In addition, our residents are entitled to a safe and quiet living environment. That is why we are reluctant to give permission for interviews with residents. Due to their vulnerable position, interviewing minors is not possible. Researchers also regularly ask if they may interview COA employees. We like to cooperate, but do not want to burden our employees too much. We therefore carefully weigh all research-related proposals.

We participate in a research from the point of view of the social interest or the interest of our residents. We do not cooperate in researches with a commercial purpose.

Conditions for the research

We will only process an application for a research under the following conditions:

  • It is research at a scientific level.
  • The requested information cannot be found in (other) public sources (such as the internet and publications).
  • The research concerns our policy area: the reception of asylum seekers and their guidance to a future in the Netherlands or the country of origin.
  • The student or researcher is at least 18 years old and agrees to our conditions for handling confidential information.
  • A detailed study plan and a questionnaire are included in the application for the research (in the case of an interview or survey for residents or employees).
  • You must submit the application at least 3 weeks before the desired start date of the research. Then we have sufficient time to assess your application and - in the event of a positive decision - to ensure enough staff capacity and make preparations.

Application: fill in the research form

For a good decision, we need as much information about the research as possible. For instance, the purpose and the research method. You can give a description of your research on the research form. We will only process forms completed in full. Within 5 working days you will receive a confirmation of receipt with more information about the handling of your proposal.

We will only process an application for research if you fully complete the research form and meet these conditions.