Chain en cooperating partners

Asylum seekers in the Netherlands deal with various organisations. Each organisation has a specific role. The COA sees to it that asylum seekers know with whom they are dealing or where they can go to. Apart from that, we work towards a satisfactory cooperation with these chain and cooperating partners.


Salvation Army

The Salvation Army provides a structural contribution to the collection, sorting and supply of clothes for asylum seekers in the COA reception centres. That task is fulfilled on a daily basis by the Salvation Army via its 60 corpses and 6 ReShare Stores. Even when the COA receives clothes for which they have no direct use, the Army takes care of collection and sorting.

Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND)

The IND implements the foreign nationals policy in the Netherlands. This means that the IND assesses all residence applications of people who wish to live in the Netherlands or who want to become a Dutch citizen. These may include refugees who are not safe in their own country and who therefore apply for asylum here. Or, people who want to work here, study or form a family with someone who is already living here.


Receiving asylum seekers is not just a matter for the Netherlands, but for all of Europe. The COA has many contacts in other European countries, and we exchange knowledge and experience. Especially Brussels is important, both for consultation purposes and subsidies. Outside of Europe, the COA plays a role in the selection and training of invited refugees. In this way we help internationally in solving social issues.